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I MISS you. I am not whole without you. The thought of you makes me want to carve my heart and my brain out of my body, destroying every memory or feeling you left behind…

abandoned. lonely.

I’ve too much porn on my dashhh

I’m going ‘Bella Swan in New Moon’ crazy

No one has ever made me feel more special than you did. I loved you and because of you I also loved myself. 

No one has also ever hurt me as hard as you did. When you told me you didn’t have feelings for me anymore and that you considered us incompatible, I felt the pain I’ve never felt before. 

Now I think I will not be able to love again as passionately as I loved you for a very, very long time. Never have I ever let someone as close to me as I let you. And you betrayed me. You abused my trust. 

Never have I ever felt so ugly, useless and empty. You were my number one priority. My motivation. My everything. Now I have no one left to think of when I’m feeling down. 

You made me realise I put way too much faith in people. I always need someone that makes me feel beautiful, like you did. Without you I am nothing. I cannot survive on my own. 

I miss you. I love(d) you. I hate you. I am so, so angry with you and at the same time even more angry with myself for letting you so deep into my heart.

During the day I am doing my best to put myself first and forget about you. At night, when I’m lying in my bed alone I can’t help but cry.